Meet Jessica Jimenez—Jess to friends and family, which of course includes her clients! Jess is a passionate, energetic real estate professional dedicated to finding you the ideal home, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor. Each client comes to the table with a unique vision, and Jess takes great pleasure in helping her clients achieve not only what they need, but also what they want.

Born and raised in Colorado, Jess is proud to say she knows Denver neighborhoods in and out, backwards and forwards, up and down, and every other direction you can think of! She brings not just one but two lifetimes of real estate experience to her business—she grew up attending open houses and showings with her father, Dan Jimenez, who was and still is an accomplished realtor. She inherited his work ethic, market knowledge, and reliable network of professional contacts.

Working with Jess is not all about work either—searching for a home with someone builds a unique relationship. It’s important to understand where people are coming from, where they imagine going, what they love about their current stage, and what they hope to leave behind. That’s why Jess loves getting to know her clients beyond real estate. She works to reflect their personality throughout the process, while at the same time contributing unflagging optimism, infectious enthusiasm, and a good dose of humor.

She is available 24/7 and clients have offered high praise for her professionalism, punctual response times, and ability to coordinate complicated communications between lenders, listing agents, inspectors, and everyone in between. When she’s not closing great real estate deals, Jess is out enjoying our beautiful state—fly fishing, hiking, checking out new restaurants, and exploring the city. She is active in her community and organizes a yearly fundraiser in Northwest Denver benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Jess is proud to call Denver home and looks forward to helping you call it home too!

Jess Jimenez

Denver Offerings

New Builds

It’s not difficult to see Denver is a booming city. With one of the fastest growing populations in the country and an economy to match, new construction is on the rise. Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand-new home or build something from the ground up, Jessica Jimenez has the expertise to guide you. She specializes in the new build process from conception to completion, all so you can get exactly what you want in a home.

Land Acquisition Jessica has the industry knowledge and experience to know exactly how a parcel of land can be developed, whether it’s for commercial purposes, multi-family units, or a single-family home.

Materials Countless hours spent on-site working with developers and contractors mean Jessica has intimate knowledge of everything that goes into a new build, from roofing and drainage to heating and cooling systems. She’ll be sure you can buy and build with confidence in the quality of your home.

Layout & Design Floor plans, spatial flow, bathroom placement, finishes—Jessica brings an experienced eye to the home design process. Drawing upon an extensive network of contractors, homebuilders, and interior designers, she can both help you navigate the process and connect you to a team that reflects your personal style and desires.


Featured Neighborhood

Being that I’m a Colorado Native, I am extra excited to be featuring a different Denver neighborhood each month. I will give you personal insights on Denvers hottest neighbors and what exactly, they can offer you.

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